Adding a ToolTip to a Picture Control in VB.Net

So here is a quick one. I was recently developing a small application written in VB.Net and went to add a tool tip to a picture control displaying the Windows UAC Shield but found that I couldn’t.  So after a litle poke around I found that I could initialise the ToolTip method and apply to the control that I wanted.  The following snippet is assigning the tooltip to my picture control (in this case picShield):

Dim tt As New ToolTip()
tt.SetToolTip(picShield, "Requires Administrative Privilages")

The above will then attach itself at run time to the control you specify and instance a Tool Tip for it.

Installing the PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment) on Windows Server 2008 R2

I was recently looking at modifying our SharePoint warm-up script as we had found out that it wasn’t working as it should be.  So I went to fire up the small but useful PowerShell ISE and found that it wasn’t available.  So there are two ways to go about getting it installed.

First off is running the Windows Add Feature under Server Manager.  You will find the Windows PowerShell ISE and be able to tick and install the feature.  The other method which is quite easy is to use PowerShell.

First off we need to import the ServerManager module into PowerShell and then we can go ahead and add the ISE feature.  The following snippet will do it all for you via PowerShell.

Import-Module ServerManager
Add-Windowsfeature PowerShell-ISE

And that is all you have to do to get the wonderful PowerShell ISE going under Windows Server. Hope that helps.