How to Configure the Management IP of a Palo Alto Firewall through a console connection

Palo Alto OS DashboardSo I’ve recently started experimenting with a Palo Alto VM Firewall that we are about to trial.  Unfortunately they don’t offer a Hyper-V virtual machine so I’ve had to stick this into dev our ESXi host.

After importing the .ovf, I edited the network adapters onto the right VLANs for me to get it going in a one-arm sniffer configuration.  I then proceeded to power it up.  Once it was loaded, I entered the default username and password (which are admin/admin) and entered the console of the device.

set deviceconfig system ip-address 
netmask default-gateway
dns-setting servers primary

I then entered commit for the PA to save the configuration I had just entered.

I performed a ping for safe measure and ensure the unit can communicate with with the outside world for updates with PAN and other services if required (ping host and then logged into the web interface using the default credentials.

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