Increase the number of visible users per page on group creation and user selection screen in Moodle 2.2

So we had a query come through our Help Desk recently to ask if we can increase the users in the user selection box as staff members were having difficulty managing their classes and creating groups as they couldn’t CTRL click and had to type in the names of their students. So I started having a dig around the code in Moodle to find out if we can change the default value.

After poking around the source code and looking at some search results on Google, I found the file that was needed and it can be found in user/selector/lib.php – Line: 740

So we want to go to line and change MAX_USERS_PER_PAGE to equal what we want (a higher value, and in this case we gave it 500). The following is an extract of what we are changing.

 * User selector subclass for the list of users who are not in a certain group.
 * Used on the add group members page.
class group_non_members_selector extends groups_user_selector_base {
    const MAX_USERS_PER_PAGE = 500;

Save the file and now reload your group creation page and you should now be able to select multiple users in a large user base list. Also, it is important to note that the MAX_USERS_PER_PAGE variable is in multiple places and affects different user selection boxes depending on where you edit it.

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