This page is a collection of scripts and tools that I’ve either created or found on the internet and thought wow, that’s useful. They are here to help make life easier. Please see the disclaimer for information regarding distribution of my own scripts and tools.


MsiZap – [ddownload id=”1127″] (For use with Altiris Deployment Solution)

A quick and easy to use script, simply feed it a GUID of the particular Application (MSI) you wish to un-install, These Id’s are found under the Uninstall Key for windows or HKLM\Software\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

Microsoft removed their link to the MsiZap utility, the preferred method is to use msiexec, but if that fails, this utility comes in handy.

SetTaskbar (Creating Pinned Taskbar Icons) – [ddownload id=”1130″]

A little script I found on the internet, which allows you to pin icons to the taskbar on Windows 7 when a user logs in.  The only thing not copied over during a sysprep is a users pinned taskbar items.  This script fixes that.

Doesn’t work for Windows 8 and above…


3CDaemon – [ddownload id=”1119″]
Cool little utility that contains a FTP and TFTP server, TFTP client and a Syslog Server. Simple and easy to user interface with a one-click switch between the programs functions.